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HTC Sues Apple With Google Patents

Last week Google reportedly transferred nine patents over to HTC. It’s unclear what those nine patents entail but today, using four of those nine patents, HTC’s lawyers filed a lawsuit claiming patent infringement against Apple.

According to Yahoo the patents transferred from Google to HTC originated at Motorola, Palm and Openwave Systems. The patents coming from Motorola were transferred to Google before any mention of their $12 billion dollar buy out. The patents in question were transferred on September 1st, so HTC knew exactly what they needed and where to get it.

Apple has been in some bitter patent suits against Android OEM’s almost all year.¬† Their suit against Samsung has resulted in injunctions barring the sale of some of Samsung’s Galaxy product lines at countries overseas.

We’ll have to wait and see just what HTC has up their sleeves with these patents.

source: Yahoo

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