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HTC Runnymede Shows Up In Video

If you were just thinking that HTC is on a roll than you’re probably right. Last week in New York City they officially announced the HTC Rhyme, which was originally code-named the Bliss.  There’s also substantiated rumors about the HTC Vigor headed to Verizon and the HTC Runnymede which will reportedly get a name change to the HTC Bass before release.

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Just to quickly recap the Bass is supposed to have a 4.7″ screen with a resolution of 400×800. Rumor has it that the processor is a 1.5ghz single core processor and the best part, it’s supposed to come with Beats By Dre audio. It’s also expected to have a camera similar to that of the T-Mobile (HTC) MyTouch 4G Slide that can capture video at 60 frames per second.

Engadget has posted this video of the rumored HTC Runnymede.  Android Central points out that although the phone says vodafone on it as the carrier being used, that doesn’t necessarily mean that Vodafone is the carrier releasing it.  A lot of phones overseas are unlocked GSM devices and Vodafone may very well just be the carrier that the guy who is doing the video has.

There is no clear date as to when we can expect this beast of beats but we are expecting it before Christmas.

Source: Engadget via AC

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