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HTC Leading In Android Update Alliance Report Card

At Google I/O the fine folks at Google offered up another alliance, dubbed the Android Update Alliance, in the alliance members, both OEM’s and Carriers, have committed to keeping Android up to date for the first eighteen months of a devices life. This is supposed to insure that the phone you buy in September 2011 isn’t out of date come May 2012.

Androidandme has done an indepth analysis that they’re calling the Android Update Alliance report card, and the results, well they’re not so great.

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The OEM doing the best so far is HTC.  13 out of HTC’s 24 current devices running Android are up to date with Gingerbread.  As TFTS points out the HTC Evo 4G has even had two full version updates and is now rocking Gingerbread.

Out of the big three Android Update Alliance OEM partners, Samsung, Motorola and HTC, Motorola is doing the worst.  Samsung, of course offers the most Android devices.  The majority of Samsung’s Android devices are still running Android 2.2 Froyo.

Out of the 61 Android phones by HTC, Samsung, Motorola and LG, 6 are running Android 2.1, 23 are running Android 2.2 and 32 are running Gingerbread. Out of the carriers in the Android update alliance Sprint is doing the best but that’s with only 5 of their 13 upgradeable Android devices.  The entire study is actually full of great information so go over to Androidandme and see where these companies rank yourself.

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