HTC Flyer Gets Price Reduction To $299 Starting This Weekend

    If you’ve had a hankering to go pick up a 7″, digital pen active, HTC Flyer tablet than now may be the time to do that. Best Buy is reportedly dropping the price of the HTC Flyer, permanently, to $299 starting Saturday.  This is $200 off the original price, and we’re hearing that this is the “new” price.

Although there have been no official figures released, it looks like HTC may not have sold as many HTC Flyer tablets as they wanted.  The HTC Flyer takes advantage of HTC Scribe technology which is a digital pen optimized to work with some of the tablets feature rich applications.  The Scribe is supposed  to give the user a real pen feel when doing things like drawing or taking notes.  The HTC Flyer also makes it a breeze to mark up a webpage with the HTC Scribe and share that page with friends.

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HTC has also immersed the HTC Flyer tablet in their Sense UI. HTC had Sense rebuilt specifically for tablets and in the case of the Flyer it runs on top of Android 2.3 rather than the tablet version of Android, 3.x Honeycomb. This means that apps that were designed specifically for Honeycomb won’t run on the HTC Flyer.

HTC has already released their next tablet, a dual core, 10″ Honeycomb tablet with 3G/4G connectivity called the HTC Jetstream.  The Jestream is available through AT&T.

Whatever the reasoning for the reduction in price, if you’ve been looking for an HTC Flyer, now’s the time to get one.

source: Liliputing