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Hipmunk Travel App Arrives For Android

So Hipmunk has a silly little name, but what is it?  Hipmunk is an incredibly easy to use tool to search and book flights using a mobile device.  Hipmunk is incredibly popular on iOS.

The ease of use for Hipmunk is what makes it so attractive to iOS users. The interface is extremely straightforward and actually lets you get through flight booking without asking ten times if you want flight insurance, cocktails in the airline club, or if you need hotel rooms in another state.

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   Hipmunk for Android is feature packed.  For instance the results are displayed in an easy to read format similar to the Hipmunk website.  The Hipmunk Android app displays flight information first by “agony” which is a combination of flight duration, layovers and price and customizable to the way you want to see your results.

   One of the best features of Hipmunk is the ability to do your searching and start your booking through your Android phone. You can then choose if you want to finish the booking with payment via Android or save it for later and finish on a computer.

“More travelers are turning to their mobile devices to search, modify, and book
flights, and we’re seeing this reflected in our own Hipmunk traffic, where about
20% of our searches come from mobile devices,” said Adam Goldstein, CEO
Hipmunk. “With the Android market continuing its rapid growth, we’re excited to
streamline the mobile experience for our loyal users and bring our unique flight
search to Android’s over 100 million users.”

Hipmunk has incorporated Android’s “back” button to dismiss results rather than using graphical arrows as it does on their iPhone app.  Hipmunk enlisted the services of Android Developer and Android Fan Boy Ryan Oldenburg to redesign their Android app from the ground up rather than porting over an iOS version.

“There’s no technological reason that Android apps can’t be just as good,
if not better, than iOS apps,” said Ryan Oldenburg, Android Developer at
Hipmunk. “And, as an avid Android user, I was determined to prove that, by
developing an app that fit well into Android and wasn’t just a clone of our iOS

Booking travel soon? Try Hipmunk look for it in the Android Market today.

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