Here It Is: Ice Cream Sandwich Video In All It’s Glory

We’ve all been waiting since the first hints of Ice Cream Sandwich last year, to see this beautiful version of the Android operating system.  Ice Cream Sandwich is supposed to take all of those “bests” from Gingerbread and the “bests” from Honeycomb and mash them all together like Girl Talk.

Well here it is. Here is a  quick, silent, two minute video of someone putting their Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich through some of the features that show that this is actually Ice Cream Sandwich and not some crazy ROM. The video takes you through the camera, app drawer, notifications, launcher and lock screen.

The Nexus S with Ice Cream Sandwich on it was purchased on ebay.  After this video started making it’s rounds, Google reportedly attempted to remotely wipe the phone and the new owner has been frantically trying to save what he can from Ice Cream Sandwich with the help from XDA.

Google has refused to let us know what the version number is for Ice Cream Sandwich and even in this video, under Android version, where it usually says which version number, it simply says “Ice Cream Sandwich”

Well there you have it, there’s the video!

source: Engadget via ubergizmo

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  1. Wow.  An actual leak with VISUAL PROOF.  I mean, not that it was your leak (unlike the Prime garbage you posted, not running ICS), but still, Droid Guy, you’re making progress!


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