Has The HTC Evo 4G Finally Reached It’s End?

Android phones don’t typically have as long a lifespan as other smartphones. Apple for instance, only does one new phone a year. RIM/Blackberry comes in spurts, but they don’t put out new phones quite as quickly as Android.

It seems these days that as soon as you get your Android device, the rumors for it’s replacement start bubbling. Take the Droid 2 for instance, the Droid 2 Global immediately followed and the Droid 3 wasn’t but 6 months later.  Now there are rumors surfacing of a Droid HD, also from Motorola and said to be the replacement of the franchise numbered devices (Droid, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, Droid HD).

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The HTC Evo 4G on the other hand came out in June of 2010 and was still the number one selling Android device in the second quarter of 2011, nearly a year later.  If the image posted by our friends over at Sprintfeed.com is to be believed we could see the Evo 4G finally be put to rest next month. The document also suggests that the white version of the Evo 4G has already been discontinued. This doesn’t mean Sprint will necessarily pull them off the shelves, but they won’t be restocked.

If the same held true for the Evo that has been true for other Android phones, the original Evo 4G has lasted through two “replacements” in the HTC Evo Shift 4G and the HTC Evo 3D. The 3D is reportedly the official “replacement”.

The Kyocera Echo is also getting it’s plug pulled.  The Echo was a novel idea and quite innovative but it was a battery hog and the black line in the middle of the two screens interrupted the overall video experience on the 4″ phoneblet.  The Echo is reportedly ending it’s life in late September or early October.