Google Sim Cards Show Up In Spain? Are they Entering The Carrier Space?

Since Google’s inception in 1996 they’ve proved they can do a lot more than just search.  Google has Google Search, Google Maps, Android, Youtube, Google Health (closing soon), Google Books, Google Webmaster Services, Google Thinktanks and much much more.  It also seems that everytime a carrier sale rumor starts up, the wheels go in motion for Google as a wireless carrier. Google has always seemed like a great suitor for T-Mobile, at least in Android enthusiast circles.

Pocketnow posulates that Google could become an MVNO “piggyback” or wholesale carrier off another GSM carrier’s network in Europe.  The SIM seems legitimate and it’s been reported that they are using the SIMs in Nexus S phones in Spain. The Google SIMs reportedly display “Google_Es” as the carrier.

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Although this is totally speculation, if Google were to take it’s acquisition of Motorola and combine it with the acquisition of a wireless carrier, they would one up Apple who currently needs carrier relationships to operate it’s iPhone.  There are a lot of “what ifs” going around the industry as of late in regards to the proposed T-Mobile merger. Perhaps Google could pick up T-Mobile to offer Android in a total, turn-key package.

Google is also in the communications business in Kansas City where they have been testing their own high speed internet.  Again with the acquisition of Motorola they also get the set top box market so Google could in essence offer total turn-key solutions in both the home and mobile.

Source: Phandroid via Pocketnow

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  1. I don’t think Google would be allowed to have a carrier, manufacturer and OS; and I can’t wait for Google to switch this high speed internet switch I see fiber everywhere so how much longer could it be.

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