Google Ranked Number One Company In The World By Brand, Apple Is Number 2

Brand Finance is a London based company that measures other companies by their Brand Value (not their stock value). Brand Finance uses different metrics, and valuation to measure a companies brand impact, including the influence of their trademark and their intellectual property.

According to Brand Finance’s interim report, Google’s brand value is $48.2 billion which is up from $44.2 billion in January of 2011. Apple increased from $29 billion in January to $39 billion in this latest report overtaking Microsoft for the second spot. With the growth of the mobile space and smartphones across the globe it’s no wonder that Google and Apple are at the top of the list.

Other companies in the mobile space also showed up in the top 20 global brands in the world. Britian’s Vodafone, which is co-owner of Verizon Wireless, ranked in the sixth spot. AT&T came in at number 10. Samsung, HP, Verizon and Intel were also among the top 20.

source: Brand Finance via PhoneArena