Google+ Catches On Like Wildfire With Public Roll Out

If you were one of the Google+ early adopters like we were, the gig is over. Google opened up the floodgates to the public and it’s catching on like wildfire.  According to a report from Bloomberg this morning, Google+ traffic increased 13 fold in the week ending September 24, 2011.

The Experian owned Hitwise firm said that the Google+ site saw 15 million U.S. visits last week compared to 1 million U.S. visits the previous week.  Google originally rolled out Google+ to a limited number of early adopters at the end of June. As the weeks went on the invite process became easier and rapid migration set in. Now, anyone can sign up for Google+

According to various internet reports Google+ crossed the 50 million user mark last week further cementing it’s status as the fastest growing social network in the history of social networks. Google has now added 100 different features to the service.  Zynga, one of the biggest names in social gaming announced yesterday that it’s brought it’s hit franchise Cityville to Google+ users.

source: Bloomberg

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