Gingerbread Update For HTC Thunderbolt Halted

It was here, and now it’s gone, the Gingerbread update for the HTC Thunderbolt has been halted by Verizon and HTC.

Voicemail notifications are being blamed as the reason that the update was pulled.  Apparently, once HTC Thunderbolt owners took the over the air update to Android 2.3, they began experiencing problems with Voicemail notifications. This of course was isolated to carrier voicemail and not Google Voice.  Nonetheless it was a big enough concern that the update was immediately recalled.

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Verizon spokesman Albert Aydin said:
It has come to the attention of Verizon Wireless and HTC that customers using the Thunderbolt by HTC have experienced a voicemail notification error with the recent software update. As a result, the update has been temporarily suspended while the companies work together to resolve the issue. Verizon Wireless and HTC anticipate the update being available soon; customers will be notified directly on their devices when it is ready for download.”

HTC Thunderbolt owners have been waiting for a while to get their 4G/LTE Android phones brought up to the latest version of Android. We are expecting the next version of Android to hit sometime next month, however one of 2011’s best phones is still a version behind.

HTC Thunderbolt owners are already used to waiting as the HTC Thunderbolt quite possibly had more rumored launch dates than any other Android device. Hopefully they will get this update out “soon” as in before the HTC Thunderbolt’s replacement hits Verizon Wireless’ shelves.

source: TFTS

5 Replies to “Gingerbread Update For HTC Thunderbolt Halted”

  1. Thanks, HTC and Verizon, for making it easy for me to jump ship! Once iPhone 5 comes out, I’m out!

  2. “Hopefully they will get this update out “soon” as in before the HTC Thunderbolt’s replacement hits Verizon Wireless’ shelves.”
    That has already happened… Droid Bionic.. Granted its a Samsung, but its just as good, hardware-wise, and better (less FCs) software-wise.

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