Fox Joins Amazon For Tablet Launch

The highly anticipated Android based tablets from Amazon are expected to be revealed at a press event on Wednesday in New York City and our Senior Editor will be there bringing us the play by play.

Meanwhile, Amazon is wasting no time making sure that their expected tablets have the best possible programming lined up.  Today Amazon has announced a deal with Fox Networks that will give Amazon tablet users access to hit shows like 24, The X Files and many more.


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According to earlier reports the Amazon tablet may be bundled with a free Amazon Prime membership. The Amazon Prime membership allows Amazon users to take advantage of unlimited streaming from their video library.  Amazon currently has 11,000 different titles to choose from including this new deal with Fox.

The Amazon Prime membership regularly costs $75 per year. In addition to the streaming library, Prime customers always get FREE two day shipping on Amazon purchases and overnight shipping that is drastically reduced.  If you’re even the average Amazon customer, a PRIME membership in the past has really paid off. Now when bundled with a tablet that’s expected to cost between $249 and $349 you’re talking major savings.  Still not convinced though? An Amazon Prime membership is just $6.25 per month when spread out over 12 months.

Adding this Fox content to their stable of media is a great move ahead of this tablet launch.  We’re expecting a color version of their infamous Kindle, and the best part for Amazon is that an ecosystem 15 years in the making is already there when you turn it on.

Stay tuned Wednesday morning for live blog coverage of the Amazon press event.


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  1. My question is, will there by a Kindle “trade-in” push, or do I have to just give it away to my Mom for her birthday?

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