Exclusive: Samsung “Prime” Is Nexus Phone Headed To All Carriers

While attending the Verizon Developer’s conference in Las Vegas, NV today we stumbled upon a guy who identified himself as working for Samsung. He was playing with an Android phone that we had not yet seen.

After talking with him a  bit he finally agreed to let us see the phone he was using but we had to go to a side office at the Aria hotel and we had to remove our backpacks and hats and couldn’t have a phone out.   What we saw was a device that looked much like the Nexus S only a little taller and a little thicker (presumably for the LTE radio).  The device had an 8mega pixel camera on the back and 2 megapixel camera on the front. It also has NFC, MHL and HDMI. There is one single “home” like button on the bottom similar to the Galaxy Note.  It also has a power button and volume rocker on the sides.

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We also learned for sure that this Samsung device will have a T.I. dual core  OMAP processor.

The phone is the Nexus Prime (as the stealth Samsung person suggested) although Verizon may call it Droid Prime however there is a GSM and CDMA version in the works.  It’s going to run Ice Cream Sandwich, but according to this source the Ice Cream Sandwich build wasn’t quite ready yet and his demo unit is running Android 2.3.4.

The device should be out in late October or early November on Verizon with the rest of the carriers to follow promptly.

So based on this version we’re running Droid-Life’s Nexus Prime render of the optimus prime nexus logo.


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  1. I thought Google made it clear that their Ice Cream Sandwich device will come without any physical button next to the screen?

  2. I’m not sure what’s most sad about this.  The fact that you made it up or the fact that all of the other sites are reporting on your claims and citing you.  

  3. Hey douche bag, don’t get everybody all excited over a BS story. Answer a question or its all lies. As a matter of fact screw that its all lies anyway. Thanks a ss h ole!!!!

  4. Somebody needed hits on their site, and got it by resorting to flat out lies.  Gee, looks like a Nexus S?  Wow, what a shocker that Nexus would keep to the same type of design that Samsung did before.  How about the metal vs. plastic body?  How about screen res?  How about screen size?  How about color, trim, accents, shape, slope of device, battery size, ANYTHING WE DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW!!

    And what did we get from you?  Oh, it has a power button and a volume rocker?  HOLY CRAP that’s a scoop!

    BS liars.  Am never reading droidguy again, and am going to totally trash you on the 18 forums I belong to.  You screwed the pooch on this one, pal!  🙁

  5. i thought it had no buttons and was thin what is this? Definitely not the nexus prime i know of.

  6. Total BS.  What can you tell us that we don’t already know?

    Wow.  Your credibility was dubious at first, now it’s shot to h ell.  Great job, liar.

  7. He’s saying that Google uses the Nexus brand to show off their new OS and features. It’s highly doubtfull that VZ will call it a Nexus Droid, but I guess there’s always a possiblity.

    Like Hdub said,they are 2 different brands.

  8. If their staff are playing with Gingerbread on it then it’s likely they
    plan to launch the handset before ICS is ready, with an ICS upgrade soon
    after. Therefore the Nexus Prime could launch in October but ICS might
    not launch until late November.

  9. For a site that focuses on Android info, and to have held the phone in your hands I really see a lack of information being provided.

  10. Why is it so confusing that it is a Nexus phone that Verizon could brand in their Droid lineup? Just because Verizon might label it a Droid Prime doesn’t mean it will be any different than any other Nexus phone.

  11. If it has that crappy single button on the bottom instead of Android’s four… That will dang near be a deal breaker for me. I can’t stand the thought of owning an iPhone clone and I’ll just wait for something better to come out or get the bionic!

  12. yeah! i agreed with everyone…. what’s the screen size? is it HD? like come on man, according to you, you have the device in your hands, was it made of plastic or metal, how thick, how does it look, what color….. you should have made a mocked up picture to show your readers an idea of how it looks like, you could have done a better job bro, just saying……… it kind of make me believe that someone was in need of some traffic on their site…just saying.

  13. Did it have a flat back like the Note, or a chin like the GS2? Was it thick as the Bionic or Thunderbolt? Black plastic or brushed aluminum? TIA!

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