eBuddy Reaches 250 Million Users And Gains Some Bragging Rights



eBuddy was the first chat client I downloaded on my Motorola DROID back when I first got an Android device. Our Facebook app still sucked, and I needed something to chat with. eBuddy was the most downloaded chat client, so I downloaded it. I loved it. eBuddy let me seamlessly chat with all my Facebook friends, with a slick UI and all the necessary features. If I wanted an ongoing icon in the notification bar, I could have one. If I didn’t, so be it. I could change bubble colors, set statuses, and get notifications right away. I could do anything and everything I needed.

Today eBuddy announced that they are the first independent chat client to receive 250 million user accounts. That folks, is quite a big number, and eBuddy has good reason to boast it (the infographic below says everything)The company has users seeing the app for ten billion minutes a month, and is seeing exponential growth themselves. Not only can you chat using Facebook, but other chat services are on board such as Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, and AIM. eBuddy is soaring to the top with their stellar IM app, and if you haven’t already, you should definitely give it a download. eBuddy’s developers also released an SMS app (eBuddy XMS), that we will be posting our review of this week here on the TheDroidGuy.