Dear I-Lounge Vendor There Are More Of Us!

Although it may not seem like it the holidays, and then CES are right around the corner. In fact we will be at a “Holiday” branded tech event in New York next week previewing all the latest greatest tech stuff for the holidays. Then after the Android Homecoming, Android Barbecue, CTIA, and CES unveiled it will be time for CES in Las Vegas.

If you’ve never been to CES and enjoyed coverage from Thedroidguy and other sites one thing you may not know is there is this HUGE area called the I-Lounge.  The I-Lounge shows off the latest and greatest in iPhone and iOS accessories.  However except for things like the i-Grill or the i-Cade or anything else using Apple’s proprietary connector, this area is filled to the brim with Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone accessories.

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Nothing burns me more than having an accessory come out with an Android app but branded I-  it’s like Android enthusiasts and users don’t matter. But we do. You see most of the Bluetooth accessories and just about all of the 3.5mm accessories that work for an i-device work great for Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone as well.

Sure we can tout the 550,000 activations per day number but when you group the number of non iPhones and iPads against the number of iOS devices there are far more, we mean A TON more non iOS devices than there are iOS devices.

Cobra’s i-radar is one of those devices. Originally made for iPhone they didn’t bother to change the name for Android however they have a killer Android accessory.  Now if you went to BestBuy as a regular, normal Android enthusiast would you bat an eye at the i-Radar? Probably not.  What kills me even more is the fact that some of these vendors in the iLounge don’t even realize their stuff works with Android. They’ll say “we aren’t for Android yet”. What do you mean are you using some new iBluetooth 4.0 technology, of course it will work for Android.

We recently received an iTilt tablet stand for the iPad. Well the same stand does a pretty darn good job of holding up my Toshiba Thrive.  This blinders-on philosophy cuts manufacturers like Bracketron out of the equation when looking for a really good tablet stand. It’s the same mentality that makes consumers who are unaware call things like the Motorola Xoom, an Ipad for Android.

Truth be told this iTilt stand is pretty good. I still like our Amzer stands better they fold up and work for iPad and Android and the packaging says universal tablet stand, but that’s really what this thing is, we’re sorry that like a lot of the iLounge vendors, their marketers are very short sighted. I mean I bet the stand works great with a Playbook too.


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