David Guetta Joins The Latest Trend, With Personally Branded Headphones

HTC has made Beats by Dre a household name for us Android folk.  Then, last week we announced that Ludacris had paired with Soul Headphones for his own brand of headphone.  Now we’ve come to find, this past week, that David Guetta is also doing his own line of headphones with Beats By Dre.

The new Beats Mixr headset was designed from the top down by a world class DJ for other dj’s. The headphones can fold out and away from the ear so that the dj spinning can hear the live mix in one ear via the PA System.  This is a key feature in other professional grade headphones for djs. According to Beats by Dre, the Beats Mixr has a lot of the same specs as other Beats by Dre headphones but takes into consideration the fact that users of the Beats Mixr are going to be in noisy environments.

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Guetta said via press release: “The process of creating the Beats mixr headphones was completely collaborative between me and Beats by Dr. Dre,”

He went on to say

“Our vision was to create the perfect world class headphone for DJs and music lovers alike and the outcome is truly amazing! I use headphones every day in the studio and every night at gigs, so I know how important the difference in quality is and want to share that.

“The sound is better than anything I’ve experienced before because it doesn’t distort no matter what volume I am playing music at. They’re easy to travel with because they’re so light and compact. I can’t wait to start using them when I’m DJing, creating music or just when I’m listening to music on the move.”

Although those two statements, so obviously prepared by a PR company, totally contradict themselves, we are confident that anything designed by a dj of Guetta’s caliber will be nothing short of amazing.

source: Pocket-lint

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  1. i must say, i’m excited. i hope they sound like the studio headphones and not the spins. if they sound like the spins i’ll be disappointed a lot.

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