Cricket’s Huawei Glory Breaks Cover In Press Photos As Huawei Honor

Although they’re not as big as Samsung, Motorola, HTC or LG, Chinese manufacturer Huawei impresses us from time to time.  The first Cricket Android phone the Huawei Ascend impressed us with how feature packed a phone could be at a low price point.  The Ascend came out of the gate on prepaid wireless carrier, Cricket, with Android 2.2 (Froyo) which was at the time, the newest version of Android.  On top of that Huawei did a great job at tweaking the Android experience with an abundance of niche features, like 15 possible homescreens that made the prepaid phone shine.

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Back in June PC Magazines Sascha Segan got a hands on with a new feature packed and sexy Android device, at the time dubbed the Huawei Glory.  Based on the report we did in June and the specs surfacing today for the Huawei Honor we are convinced it’s the same phone.  At the time Segan reported that this phone headed to Cricket was a 1.4ghz processor (unknown if it was single or dual core) TFT display, front facing camera, Android 2.3 with a custom UI and a 3D cube a la the Samsung Behold II.

PC Magazine's Saschs Segan gets hands on with the Huawei Glory which looks a lot like this Huawei Honor photo: PC Mag

Today we’re hearing the Huawei Honor has a 1.4ghz processor, TFT display, 8mp camera, front facing camera and Android 2.3.  The phones look almost identical as well.

One of the biggest features of the Huawei Glory/Honor isn’t one you can see in the photos though, it’s the fact that this phone is reportedly coming out with a 1930mah battery, WOW!

When the initial story broke it was rumored that the Huawei handset would cost in the neighborhood of $300 and be available sometime this year.  Since we’re most likely looking at a prepaid phone $300 is definitely a fair price to pay off contract. What do you think?

source: Phonearena  TDG

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  1. I feakin love love love this phone it does everything those othe expensive phones do and more for some much less…. thank you Cricket and thank you Huawei keep up the damn good work!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have seen this phone live and in person.  It is soooooo sweeeeeeet!  I am saving up to buy it ASAP. It looks better than an iPhone IMO.  The screen is incredibly vibrant, and there are so many cool little features.  There is an 8 migapixel camera (WITH FLASH!!! FINALLY!) on the back, and also a lesser camera on the front for self-pics.  It is running about $250, but it is totally worth it.  And, it is called the Mercury.  And, it does have the 1.4 processor.  And, for all the girls out there.  It also has pink protective covers available. This is something that is always hard to find on Cricket phones, but this one has it!  I am so excited to get this beauty!

  3. Right on Louis, I have a friend that works for Verizon for the last 15 yrs. I told her when cricket came out that it would be a big deal. Take business from you. and her reply was  Cricket will be out of business in a year. i laughed at her

  4. cant wait… ive had cricket for about 12years,its always been nothing but good to me! I  love my idiot buddies that get them selves locked into expensive contracts and have to pay for every single thing they try and use there phone we live in buff ny and when ever you mention switching to cricket there argument is …dude what if im like,in japan or australia…i cant even make a call  cricket sucks theres no service!lol ok you stick with ur crap companys and pay them huge bills oh bye the way i got to go its not peak hour time so i cant talk till after 7………….frickin idiots! id be upset if it was me getting ripped off…im gonna stick with ol faithfull,cricket1…….again i cant wait till the samsung mercury comes out,cricket…….the bomb .com

  5. My brother in law works for cricket. He showed me an email where it talks about this phone. 

    -It will be called the Huawei Mercury (not Glory)
    -It will cost $250 (not $300)
    -It will come out in December (not November)

    It’s going to be freakin’ awesome.

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