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Chamillionaire Arrives At Tech Crunch Disrupt, Nexus S In Tow, And Loves It

Tech Investor/Hip Hop Artist Chamillionaire at TechCrunch Disrupt SF (Photo: TDG LLC)

Back in July when tech investor/hip hop artist Chamillionaire attended the TechCrunch Mobile First event he asked some pressing questions of Android lead designer Matias Duarte.  Chamillionaire had expressed frustration over the Android phones that he has already used.  He struck a nerve in the Android community who thought he was just another rapper dissing Android.

We found out in an interview with Chamillionaire and Thedroidguy that lasted over an hour, that Chamillionaire’s main frustration was that he was told Android devices would do things they wouldn’t do. He was also frustrated with the way store level employees would respond to his questions, the same responses a lot of ordinary Joe customers get.  For instance, he had problems with his Epic 4G, he was told by a store employee he had too many apps on his phone. Like many, Chamillionaire thought that was the idea.

Chamillionaire is an early adopter and rather tech savvy investing in companies such as Disqus that handle the comments here on TDG. He also explained that he was very patient when it came to technology that’s why he decided to give Android not a second, third or even fourth try, he is actually on his fifth try now with a Nexus S 4G.

TDG is on the ground at TechCrunch Disrupt where Chamillionaire told our Silicon Valley Editor, Tony that he loves his Nexus S.  According to Chamillionaire’s blog he’s also tried a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and reportedly loves that as well.

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  1. I agree with some of your points. As for Chamillionaire as a very very busy person most times he went back to the original store to report his issues and exchange his phone as any consumer end user would do. As for the tech savvy part, he is an early adopter and tech investor. Savvy may have been the wrong choice of words

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