WOW: Samsung Removes Galaxy Tab 7.7 From IFA Booth Confirmed By Samsung Mobile USA

Samsung Mobile’s Vice President of Public Relations, Kim Titus, has just confirmed to thedroidguy via phone that Samsung Mobile has removed the Galaxy Tab 7.7 from their booth at IFA 2011 happening now through September 7th at Messe Berlin in Germany.

Android Pit first reported on this earlier in the day as they noticed that not only were the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7’s oddly missing from the same stands they were at the previous day, but all signage for the Galaxy Tab had also been removed from the booth space or covered up.

Titus forwarded us this statement from Samsung

‘Samsung respects the court’s decision (The District Court in Dusseldorf) made on September 2

 and therefore decided not to display any more the GALAXY Tab 7.7 in IFA.

However, we believe it severely limits consumer choice in Germany. Samsung will pursue all available measures, 

including legal options, to defend its intellectual property rights and ensure its innovative products remain available to German consumers.’


Samsung has a court hearing in Germany later this month on the issue of patents pertaining to the Galaxy Tab.

photo: Androidpit

11 Replies to “WOW: Samsung Removes Galaxy Tab 7.7 From IFA Booth Confirmed By Samsung Mobile USA”

  1. The TouchWiz custom UI and capacitive screen combine for unmatched
    responsiveness. Anyone looking for a good Android tablet for mobile
    computing and connectivity should give it a try.


  2. Samsung was very upfront about its last-minute redesign of the Galaxy
    Tab 10.1 being in direct response to the iPad 2’s thinness, but despite
    its less-than-humble origins, that aesthetic has served the company very
    well in the last year.

  3. Everything just works a little better than it has before. Using a
    Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Ice Cream Sandwich side by side with a
    Samsung Galaxy SII running Gingerbread was revelatory. The latter felt
    clunky and boxy and crude in comparison. The Galaxy Nexus was both
    prettier to look at and easier to use.

  4. Samsung is bad when it comes to design and specs, trying to copy everything that Apple has. But, I think they are making peace now, they postpone the release of their product just to give a respect to Apple’s Tech pioneer Steve Job.

  5. This is a good information that Samsung will pursue all available measures.I like this post.This is a great article.The written skill is so good.I appreciate to this content.Thanks to share this well informative blog.Keep sharing. 

  6. Right so that’s why everyone else is trying to bring their product to
    the market to compete with Apple and failing miserably? Talk about
    innovation, they were the ones that came up with a OS that relied on
    Apps and what did Android do? Android ripped off the idea of using apps
    and put it into their OS which by the way still sucks and will continue
    to suck due to all the different variations. Its going to suck even more
    when Samsung releases their App store. By the way, what innovations has
    Android brought to the table?

  7. Samsung is very stupid to choose Berlin to launch their product. They should choose Seoul or Shanghai instead.

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