Boeing 787 Dreamliner – Android only

Boeing has announced that all of it’s new aircraft, the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ aircraft will come outfitted with an Android powered entertainment system.  This system is both touch and non touch based.

The bulk of the system will be run on servers running Android as well as the screens mentioned above.  These screens will be available from economy through first and business class suites.  Only two vendors have been selected (currently) to provide the servers and touchscreens for the Dreamliner, Panasonic and Thales.

Screen sizes will range from 7 inches up to 17 inches.  The smaller screen sizes will most likely end up being touch enabled and found in the more conventional seating areas (coach and business) whereas the larger screens will NOT be touch enabled.  The reason?  Distance from the screen.  Instead of touch the controls will be handled by gestures.

Boeing historically has allowed airlines to choose from a long list of providers for their entertainment systems, touch screens, and other options – but in an effort to minimize cost and production delays (of which there have been many) that option is not available with the aircraft.

Believe me, I’m scouring all of my contacts at Panasonic looking for the possibility of in-home testing of both the Android servers as well as the gesture controlled screens.

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