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Baltimore Grand Prix Has Android App

If you’re from Baltimore like me, or from anywhere in Maryland for that matter than you know that this weekend the Izod Indy Racing series comes to Baltimore for real genuine indy car street racing.  The area near Baltimore’s inner harbor has been closed off.  The city has been working for over a year on improvements to the road.  90,000 seats have been set up along Pratt street, yes this weekend Baltimore is going racing, almost video game style.

According to reports the city is expecting between 100,000 and 200,000 people for three days worth of racing fun.  There’s food, street performers, street carnivals, vendors, and lots of racing.


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To keep up with all the action the team at Thermopylae Sciences & Technology has released the Baltimore Grand Prix app. The app is built on the companies Ubiquity platform which allows users to define their own functionality and grant others access to information around them.

The app provides information and locations for all the events, access to social media, videos and more about drivers and the race itself. This is a must have if you’re headed out to Balmore (purposely spelled that way) for the Grand Prix.

For die hard racing fan you can keep up with their drivers as they make their way turn by turn through downtown Baltimore. You can also look at how they did historically at other races, see standings, race results, the track and a map of where all the action and all the fun are.

Want it now? Get it here


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