AT&T Files Motions To Get Sprint & CSpire Suits Dismissed

AT&T is trying for dear life to hang onto the proposed buyout of T-Mobile. Today, AT&T filed motions to have the lawsuits filed by CSpire (formerly Cellular South) and the nation’s third largest wireless carrier, Sprint, dismissed.

Sprint responded to AT&T’s motion with the following statement:

“There’s nothing surprising about AT&T’s motion to dismiss this litigation. AT&T promised to take this step more than two weeks ago but only filed this motion today because it was ordered to do so by the Court.  AT&T’s motion is without merit, and Sprint will respond to it next Friday and continue to cooperate with Judge Huvelle as she seeks to efficiently try both this case and the Justice Department’s case against AT&T.”

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According to court documents CSpire was prepared to be on “AT&T’s side” just as long as they agreed to not engage in facilities based competition in Mississippi, CSpire’s home state. Essentially, AT&T alleges that CSpire would not have filed a lawsuit if AT&T would have agreed not to compete with them in their home state.  All and all AT&T is trying to convince the court that CSpire is only acting in their best interest and not in the interest of the customers.

source: BGR