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textPlus Free Texting + Groups


If you’re a texting fanatic  but just don’t feel like paying for it every month, there are several routes you can take, textPlus being one of them. textPlus is a SMS service that is available for Android and iOS that allows you to sign up, and pick a number out to start texting your friends with. Recently, they released a major upgrade to their Android app that caused some serious growth. Over the last two months, Android users downloading and getting numbers have over-taken iPhone users by 95%, so textPlus must have done something right.

They didn’t stop there however, textPlus has just released another update to their Android app, giving it some awesome new features for us to play with. You can now link your account with Facebook, where you can manage and text all of your Facebook friends and even be notified when a friend on Facebook joins textPlus. A people tab has also been added that allows you to find your friends on textPlus right from the app, so you can immediately start texting them. Voices notes have also been added, and can now be sent from app to app, whether the platform is Android or iOS. On top of all of this, there have been a few UI changes to make navigation even easier. textPlus is free for download in the Android Market, and if you’re looking for a new texting application, be sure to give it a shot.

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  1. That’s all fine and good, but until these text-over-data apps are as customizable and awesome as Handcent SMS, I’ll stick with that.

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