App Spotlight: Myxer

Ringtones have been a part of phones since the beginning, way before Android, before smartphones as a whole as well. However, one thing that hasn’t been a part of it since the beginning, is custom ringtones. When cell phones first came about, there wasn’t nearly enough space and power to have several different ringtones you like. Now, we can create ringtones we like right from our smartphone.

Myxer has been around for a while, and their Android app continues the saga of the services leading quality: creating your own ringtones. As soon as carriers started realizing how much money they could make charging for ringtones, many times a 200-300% price increase over the actual song itself, they took advantage of it. Myxer saw the opportunity, and took advantage of it. Myxer is a pretty simple application: it creates ringtones. You can sign into your Myxer account and see all of your previously saved ringtones, or anything else you have associated with your profile. The application allows you to browse their song database, or use music right on your phone to create the ringtone. You can choose the exact moments of when the song should start, end, etc. Options are also there to let the song fade in and out, and other cool effects that can make your ringtone really stand out. Myxer allows you to also download songs from their service, whether free or premium. After you create your ringtone, it’s saved on your device for your option of using, or just having. You can also make ringtones by recording things, like your voice.


Myxer is great application backed by a great service that does what it says. I have been using Myxer for quite a while, and the Android app only adds to the convenience of making your own ringtones. Myxer is available for free in the Android Market, and if you enjoy creating, or just having new ringtones, I would give it a download.

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