Angry Birds Rio Review

We first saw the Original Angry birds, In early 2009 which there from changed the way that we as consumers play and enjoy games. Angry birds are one of the most popular Smartphone games, That can become very addictive once downloaded.  How addictive? Angry Birds developer, Rio Mobile has made several versions, original Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and now Angry Birds Rio. In fact Rio just received a major update called “Airfield Chase” I haven’t had the chance to review the full “Airfield Chase” version but will soon!

Angry birds were first released on the iPhone operating system, as a single episode “poached eggs”. And there from you can now find it on most popular operating systems. But on the android operating system it is completely free, Compared to it being a payed app on the IOS.

Angry birds RIO is a standalone version, It was launched because of the release of the popular twentieth century fox film, RIO.

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Rio has two chapters, With 30 levels so it will last for a while and you will enjoy it. When i first came across angry birds RIO I had to download it, it looked so interesting with me being a big Angry birds fan.

When you first go onto the game your expectations will be are very high, And you will be very satisfied if you are an angry birds fan. It looks just like the original version, But looks upgraded and you still drag the bird and release it but you have a new aim and the green piggy’s aren’t in this version that is the large difference. The whole of the interface has been redesigned giving you a fresh edge, To play the game and they’ve even added parallax scrolling to give the game quite a bit more visual depth. There are 60 new included levels 30 per chapter, and i must say they have done this well.


Instead of killing pigs, You need to set free your fellow birds from their cages, Simply by dragging the bird and letting it go in the first world. In the next world you need to defeat the monkeys. The 60th level has a boss fight of sorts where you’ve got to fling birds at Nigel, the bad man as seen in the movie “RIO”.

You even get to fling blu and jewel the main characters from the movie RIO.


In conclusion I very much enjoyed playing this game, And I found the levels fairly easy and fun. And it held some very major improvements from the original angry birds. Also I liked how Rovio used the theme based from the RIO movie.

I would happily rate this game as five stars.

About the author:  Nick is a 14 years old and autistic. He excels at anything relating to technology and is striving to start his own site one day.  He enjoys everything mobile, and technology especially computers. He lives in the U.K. and can be emailed directly here