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Android Tablets May Be Present In GameStop’s New Mobile Gaming Lineup

We all know GameStop has been recently widening its scope, by purchasing Impulse, and now moving into the mobile industry through tablets and other mobile devices. GameStop is set to soon start selling devices such as iPhones and iPads for mobile gaming, but reports that Android tablets may be attending this party as well.

GameStop has really started to realize in order to keep their business going, they need to move with the crowd and start supporting these devices. Heck, I see a lot more kids with an iPod Touch than I do with a 3DS, and the cheap game prices and alluring aspect of an Apple product to the masses only seem to be fueling the flame. Not to say Nintendo and Sony’s mobile run is done, but Android and iOS are definitely catching up very quickly. With huge titles such as Angry Birds, Cut The Rope, and Words With Friends, GameStop would be stupid not to start carrying these devices at some point. Stay tuned to TheDroidGuy for more details on when, and how they will start doing this.

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