Android Game Spotlight: Ant Smasher

Need something fun, addicting and very very easy? Well Ant Smasher may be for you.

This is such an easy game it barely needs a description. Basically ants and other insects craw across the screen of your phone, from top to bottom. You need to smash the ants with your finger until they make a splatting noise and you see their guts all over the screen.  The object is to prevent the ants from getting to the bottom of the phone. If they do make it, you lose a life.

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    The ants come in all shapes, sizes and colors and their points are dictated by the size of the ant and the momentum in which you need to smash it into oblivion.  Also throughout the game various bonus amounts will make their way down the screen. If you smash those bonus amounts you get bonus points as well.

Beware of the bees though. If you see a bee and you smash it you get stung and the game is over. Forget about those extra lives you just got because once the bee stings you’re done.  It does get tricky though. As you earn more and more points the ants go faster or take cover in front of bees.  The game will try to confuse you with regular flies that buzz a bit too so you need to make sure you can distinguish between bees and ants.

The Android Market features a freemium add supported version along with a paid no add version. Want to try it? It’s fun! Click here

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