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Android Coming To RIM/Blackberry Playbook Next Month

RIM is recovering from a really bad quarter. The Waterloo Canada based company missed their mark for Playbook sales badly.  They are preparing a major update and overhaul to their flagship tablet.

The long awaited update to the Blackberry Playbook tablet will bring native email, calendar, contacts and the Android app player. Once the Android app player is loaded onto the Playbook, Playbook users will have access to hundreds of thousand of Android apps and games.  The major update is said to occur after RIM has their developer conference in San Francisco where they are said to be showing off even more new hardware.

From the time we’ve spent with the Blackberry Playbook it’s a nice little piece of hardware and the potential for Android games and apps to run on the device itself may make it worth giving it a second look. It was reported a couple weeks ago that both BestBuy and Staples have slashed their prices on the Blackberry Playbook.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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