Amazon Unleashes The Kindle Fire

Bulding upon an already successful brand, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos officially announced the 7″ Kindle Fire tablet by Amazon.

The tablet, built by Quanta, the same company that manufactured the RIM/Blackberry Playbook, is expected to arrive in homes the week of November 15th. It goes on sale for the very affordable price of $199.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty first shall we: (after the break)

The Amazon Kindle Fire is by no means the latest Honeycomb Super Tablet but it does have respectable specs especially when you consider the price tag. It has a 7″ IPS Panel display with a Gorilla Glass coating. The processor is an unnamed dual core processor with 512mb of RAM and 8gb of internal storage. It weighs in at 14.6 ounces.

Make no mistake about it, the Amazon Kindle Fire is a content machine, like you’re own little content store in your purse, backpack, or heck even your pocket.  Amazon gives the Kindle Fire access to the Kindle Store, Amazon Video, Amazon’s Mp3 store, regular Amazon, and even the Amazon Android App Store. That being said the actual Google Android Market isn’t part of this big shebang.

All of your Amazon content is placed on Amazon’s Cloud Storage free to you. Bezos suggested that you can delete content locally and come back to it when you want via the Cloud Storage.  Amazon’s whisper sync technology, which allows readers to never lose their place in a book even when switching devices, now also works with movies and tv shows. Basically if you start a show on your new Amazon Kindle Fire and want to pick it up on the set top, you absolutely can.

What makes the Amazon Kindle Fire a game changer is that unlike any other OEM, Amazon was in the content delivery business before the tablet came out, long before this tablet came out.  In fact Amazon has been doing things online for over 15 years and is already one of the most trusted online brands.

The Amazon Kindle Fire is built on Android however it’s been fully customized to suit Amazon’s needs, much in the same way as the Nooks are built out to Barnes & Noble’s specifications. Although the Kindle Fire has Android, an unknowing customer would never realize it.

The Kindle Fire can browse the web, and play games. The browser isn’t just some ordinary browser it’s coupled with a new service called Amazon Silk which essentially splits the browsers work locally and in the cloud it renders cloud based images in the cloud making the browser work quicker. They call it “Dynamic Split Browsing”

Bezos insured the crows that Amazon is making millions of these tablets which can be preordered now for delivery November 15th. At $199 who’s NOT getting one, comment away.

Source: Amazon and Engadget

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