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Acer Releases Ferrari Liquid Mini Android At IFA, Too Bad It’s Got The Horsepower Of A Yugo

Big news out of IFA today as Acer has released another new Android device.  This one is really a suped up Acer Liquid Mini.  On the outside it’s sexy as hell, who doesn’t want a Ferrari Android device loaded down with racing apps, cool engine ring tones and slick Ferrari inspired apps.

That’s all well and good until you realize all Acer has really done is team up with Ferrari to give it’s Yugo of a phone a hot cool paint job.  I’m sorry but if you paint Elijah’s 2003 Jetta Ferrari red it’s still just an older car with a pretty paint job.  What do I mean, well you’d expect a phone labeled Ferrari to have good specs but here is what you have:

600mhz processor
512 mb of RAM
3.2″ screen
480p video
Android 2.3

Sorry, call me crazy but my initial reaction to seeing a Ferrari Android phone was that it would be at least a little bit fast, maybe a 1ghz processor, dual core? Shoot for it to be called Ferrari I was hoping for the Chuck Norris processor.

Don’t fret though we probably won’t see the Ferrari Liquidmini in the United States.


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