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Accessory Alert: dockBoss+ Let’s You Use An iPod Dock With Your Android Phone

Phillips, who’s been making iPod docks for years, unveiled a series of new Android docks to plug your Android phone into to hear your music.  Now, we’ve heard about a new accessory called the dockBoss+ that works “like a boss” for your Android phone.

Really what the dockBoss+ does is allow you to hook your Android phone up, using an adapter, to docks with Apple’s 30 pin connector port.  The dockBoss+ is made by a company called CableJive who specialize in different types of cables and adapters. This one in particular converts your microUSB port to work with Apple’s proprietary 30 pin connector.

Apple’s 30 pin connector charges the iOS device and feeds music through it.  The CableJive dockBoss+ plugs into your Android device’s microUSB for charging and 3.5mm jack for audio. The other side of the cable plugs into speaker docks the same way an iOS device would.

The dockBoss+ can work with just about any speaker peripheral including docks and in-car units.  We haven’t tried it out yet so we’re not sure how good it will sound but heck, it’s a start.

source: TFTS

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