A Very Suspect “Internal Memo” Says The HTC Vigor To Replace Thunderbolt, Droid Prime To Replace Droid Charge

Phandroid has obtained an extremely suspicious looking “internal document” reminiscent of the “Best Buy Floor Plan” for the Nexus S (internal Best Buy floor plans are called Plan O’s) however in case there is any legitimacy to this document we thought we’d at least give it a gander at reporting.

A “Best Buy Employee” says he allegedly received a list from a Verizon employee that details upcoming handsets.  The document in questions suggests that the Samsung Stratosphere will replace the Samsung Fascinate. The HTC Thunderbolt (ADR6400) appears to be getting replaced by the HTC Thunderbolt 2. That would check out with the HTC Vigor which has been rumored to be the replacement for the HTC Thunderbolt. The HTC Vigor has the number ADR6425.

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The most anticipated device to come to Verizon, after the Droid not so Bionic is the rumored Droid Prime. This Samsung device is said to be the first device with Ice Cream Sandwich on board. In addition it’s supposed to have a 720p display and a  dual core TI OMAP 4460 1.5ghz processor. The internal document suggests the Droid Prime will replace Samsung’s Droid Charge.

So what makes this document so suspicious:

First off there have been quite a few “internal documents” leaked via the Android Forums and Phandroid that just didn’t happen. The biggest and most notable so far was the Best Buy document plotting the Nexus S a month before it actually hit.

Next, the document was allegedly given to a Best Buy Employee by a Verizon rep. Anyone who has been in that position before knows how hard it is to get a Verizon “local” to let you even touch a pre-release device much less hand out pre-release documentation.

Then there’s the fact that it’s written in a shorthand that would only appeal to an Android or Tech Enthusiast would understand.

Then there’s the hole punched hole in the document. If this was in a Verizon reps notebook it would have stayed in the notebook.

There is really no new information in this document. Verizon also encourages employees to not print out emails, presumably for environmental concerns but also to keep their proprietary information, well proprietary.

Phandroid does say that they also have some doubts about the validity of this memo.

Source: Phandroid

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  1. lg enlighten is supposed to replace the ally/vortex, it’s already in the new your guide’s
    however, this could still be valid as lg enlighten replacing ally (keyboard phones)
    and illusion replacing vortex (non keyboard)

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