A New Twist On Fake Chinese Android Tablet

Some folks might think the Chinese knock off tablets aren’t innovative, well you gotta hand it to the makers of the Chinese tablet dubbed Z500 they’ve taken fake to a new level.

Apparently the makers of the Z500 didn’t want to go through the front door at Google, if they had they would have had to use better components and adhered to a higher standard. Instead this tablet which sports an RK2918 processor, 512mb of RAM, 4GB of memory, and a 7inch 800×480 pixel display runs Android 2.3 custom skinned to look, and partially feel like Honeycomb.

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The custom skin includes the blue holographic images and background. The notification bar has been moved to the bottom and the home, back and menu buttons are still present. What’s not available in this “fake” Honeycomb is the ability to run any real Honeycomb apps, and the ability to run apps meant for larger screens.

Can’t fault these guys for trying huh?

source: Liliputing