Xiaomi Phone Could Be An SGSII and Motorola Droid Bionic Killer?

A new Chinese start up called Xiamo corp has announced that they are releasing a 1.5ghz dual core Android powered phone to take on the iPhone.  According to reports from China Daily the new device will only cost around $316 (US) off contract and will first be available in Asia. However reports around the net say that this is an unlocked phone which could mean you could use it on GSM carriers in North America.

The rest of the specs of the Xiaomi phone are quire impressive. According to GizmoCrunch the Xiaomi phone will pack not only the dual core 1.5ghz processor, but 1gb of RAM, an Adreno 220 graphics processor, 4gb of ROM, and a 480×854 Sharp LCD Display. The camera is supposed to be 8mp with an F2.4 lens.

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As for the operating system, it’s rumored that the Xaomi phone will run Android 2.3.5 with an MIUI OS overlay and the ability to flash any ROM onto it out of the gate.

This is going to be the Android developer and ROM enthusiasts dream come true phone.  Although Chinese analysts aren’t sure the Xiaomi phone can stand up to the rigorous competition in China’s cell phone ecosystem, Xiaomi has over 500,000 people in their forum with 40% being outside of China.

The Xiaomi phone goes up for pre-order on August 29th (the same day the Galaxy S II gets announced in the US) and should start shipping in October.

Source: GizmoCrunch China Daily

5 Replies to “Xiaomi Phone Could Be An SGSII and Motorola Droid Bionic Killer?”

  1. bionic killer only if it were offered in cdma.. i’d get this but too bad it’ll never touch vzw..

  2. Pretty impressive specs for $316 us build quality is a major concern for me. One of the major reasons I prefer HTC to Samsung just a more solid feel.

  3. Damn, no front camera!!! Shit… I’d really wanted my next phone to come with a front camera?! lolz… other than that, this is damn amazing… 

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