World’s Smallest Android? Introduced by WIMM

It’s a watch, it’s a computer, it’s a mini-tablet? Whatever you want to call it WIMM labs has introduced a 1 inch wearable Android device.  You can wear the device around your arm like a wrist watch, or add it to your key ring. You can put it anywhere you want a small Android companion.

A few companies have introduced BlueTooth companions to cell phones that can display email, text messages and other information from your phone.  According to lilputing this device does all that but also has a 667mhz processor and a 1″ capacitive touch screen display. It’s capable of running mini apps or view phone calls, text messages and emails.

WIMM Labs platform isn’t yet available for purchase. WIMM Labs is hoping to license the technology to other companies to put it into their watches and wrist computers. They will also release a limited amount of developer devices later this year.  Fossil, the watch company, has also launched a similar platform to developers see here.

Check out the source link for a gallery of pics of the WIMM Labs device

Source: Liliputing

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  1. This is not a phone! Can you imagine walking around and talking into it?  People would think you are crazy.

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