Welcome and the Making of the DEF CON 19 Badge

Thats right, DefCon19 officially has started. This year, registration has hit an all time high. By Thursday night, they ran out of all the Titanium badges they made 10,500. Which still had people waiting and than received paper one’s instead last night. Come this morning and once again the line just to register was over an hour making this far and away the largest DefCon ever. Couple that with Blackhat which just ended and you are looking at both “hackers” conferences have hit records in attendance. This years DefCon thankfully is held at the Rio instead of the Riviera like years past which exceeded its ability to hold so many people.

This years badges are also different from years past in which 1057 who was asked by Jeff Moss to create this years badges went with a Egyptian look. Also “baked” into the badges are clues for one of this years contest.

While 1057 was trying to figure out how and what to make the badges out of since in past they’ve used electronic however due to everyone using them now he wanted something new. So Titanium was the metal of choice. What they also wanted to do was not just keep the basic look, they painstakenly had to come up with ideas on how to give it a different look. They finally realized they had to bake the ionized material onto it.

1057 originally had a complicated picture but after many drawings and late nights realized that a clean basic yet memorable badges was what they should go for and they got it right. Not only is it beautiful to look at but also clues for contest that is running till this weekend and than another one that runs till DefCon20.

Besides all the talks going on, there are also over 50 mini games and contest going on. As well as on the fly contest that they are posting via Twitter.  This being my first DefCon I’m more struck with how many people are actually here and the scope of everything going on. Will be going to more talks today so stay tuned for more articles during this weekend. Another thing I’ve noticed is this pretty much like an Android hangout with about 90% of all the phones and devices being Android. 🙂

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