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We Check Out The Seagate GoFlex Satellite For Android

We first saw the Seagate GoFlex Satellite in New York during CE Week.  Although it looks like another Seagate hard drive, it’s packing a lot more under the hood than any other “normal” Seagate drive.

The Go Flex Satellite is part of Seagate’s Go Flex offerings. GoFlex is a family of hard drive products by Seagate that is designed to be easily upgradeable and work in tandem with other Go Flex devices for maximum storage and even media playback in the home.  The new Go Flex Satellite let’s you bring that maximum storage and media playback on the road.

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While the GoFlex Satellite looks like an ordinary 500gb hard drive, the first thing you’ll notice is that it is rechargeable and wireless.  The Satellite utilizes wifi over 802.11 b/g/n and sets up it’s own wireless network.  Once the wireless network is created by the GoFlex Satellite the contents of the hard drive can be shared across three different Android devices (or iOS).  You can stream a movie to your Android phone, a tv show to your wife’s Android phone and a different movie to the kids on an Android tablet.

When streaming to Android (or iOS) devices the GoFlex Satellite has it’s own media serving app in the Android Market (or app store).  The app allows you to access videos, photos, music and even documents (read only) to any Android device with the app installed. It also allows you to access the content on it’s hard drive on a set top box, internet tv or computer by going to any website once you have chosen the GoFlex Satellite as the wifi network to join.

The only downside to that, right now, is that since you’re connecting to the GoFlex Satellite’s wifi network you can’t connect to an internet network at the same time. The GoFlex Satellite becomes the network.  That’s ok though for use on long car trips, plane rides even hotels, or grandma’s house.  You can take your media anywhere you want to go.

Currently, at least on Android, the GoFlex Satellite is for all intents and purposes “read only” over wifi. You still need to hook your computer up to the GoFlex Satellite via the supplied USB 3.0 cable to put media/content onto the device.  Once you’ve loaded the GoFlex though, just turn it on and in under a minute it sets up it’s own wifi and is ready to serve.

Seagate said in creating the GoFlex Satellite they wanted to increase the storage capacity for today’s Android smartphones and tablets.  This means that instead of having to pick and choose what parts of your media library you want you can bring your whole media library with you.

The GoFlex Satellite retails for $199 and can be found at most major electronics retailers or for $187.99 at the Amazon link below:

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