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Wait A Second: Samsung Going Toe to Toe With Motorola? Round 2?

Late last week we ran a story that Sprint’s Samsung Galaxy S II was going to be called the “Epic Touch 4G”. This came on reliable information from and than verified by some of our Sprint Ninjas.  Originally it was reported that we were looking at a September 9th launch for this device.  Normally Sprint releases phones on Sunday like AT&T however that particular Sunday is the 10th anniversary of September 11th so we thought that perhaps because of that Sprint was opting for the Friday launch.

Now we’re hearing from that the launch of the Sprint Epic Touch 4G could be Thursday September 8th instead.  That would put it going neck and neck with the Motorola Droid Bionic on Verizon. The long rumored, and most agreed upon release date, for the Bionic is September 8th.

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Last year when Samsung originally launched the Galaxy S series devices T-Mobile pushed up their launch of the Vibrant to go on the same day as the Motorola Droid X.  We were on hand at the Columbia Maryland Verizon store at midnight for the Droid X launch. There were over 115 people waiting for the Droid X. Many foregoing a new two year price to get the Droid X to replace their original Droid.  In checking with a Baltimore/DC regional manager for T-Mobile they had sold less than 40 Samsung Vibrant’s in that region.  Many stores we contacted that day hadn’t even sold one.

This would be a lot different because of the hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S II and we’re sure that Sprint isnt going to take a back seat on the launch of their next big Android device.

Both devices have dual core processors and operate on their respective carriers 4G networks. However we know in speed tests in most markets Verizon’s 4G/LTE is substantially faster than Sprint’s current WiMax 4G.  Other than that though pound for pound, what device would you pick up?

Source: Pop Herald

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