Virgin Mobile Spoofs T-Mobile This Time Around

Sprint’s mainstream prepaid carrier, Virgin Mobile USA, has just released the latest episode of Sparah.  If you aren’t familiar with Sparah, they are the British ladies man, Spencer Falls and his female companion Sarah Carroll.

You’re still unsure of who Spencer Falls and Sarah Carroll are? What’s wrong with you…  Really though they are a celebrity couple that have been totally manufactured by Virgin Mobile to appear in an ongoing series of ads.  Sparah was created at the beginning of the summer and have appeared in the prepaid carriers advertisements all summer long.

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In the latest Sparah ad, called “Party”, it starts out at the all too familiar set stolen fro T-Mobile who stole it from Apple. An actress portraying T-Mobile spokesperson “Carly” is frolicking around in a pink polkadot dress with a pink polkadot flower.  Sparah arrives on the set and says how boring it is.  Carly replies saying imagine how it will be with AT&T with the worst customer satisfaction.

Carroll suggests that T-Mobile customers can come to Virgin Mobile and then they roll up the set to a major party.  Falls takes over to point out that their customers are and look satisfied. He also adds that they only pay $35.00 a month for everything unlimited.

Currently Virgin Mobile doesn’t have any kind of 4G service however as we’ve been suggesting since June, Sprint is going to make a move to 4G/LTE (as reported by Sprint) and we’re confident that Virgin Mobile customers will get access to Sprint’s existing 4G/WiMax network.

T-Mobile customers in HSPA+ markets will definitely see a decrease in speed from HSPA+ to Virgin Mobile’s 3G (which is actually Sprint’s 3G) but the value proposition is there and as with all Sprint brands unlimited means one thing and that is unlimited.

source: Virgin Mobile

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