Victim Of Tiered Data? Try Opera Mini


As of late, a very popular decision made among mobile carriers has been the institution of tiered data. Starting with AT&T, and soon following with Verizon, carriers have started putting a limit on how much data subscribers get to use. T-Mobile advertises unlimited data, but we all know they just start to slow down data speeds when a user reaches a certain point. Because of this, users are starting to become more aware of how much data they are actually using. Obviously, one of the main thing that requires large amounts of data usage other than apps is web browsing.

Many of the the stock web browsers that come with Android devices consume much more data than what is actually necessary. Things like pictures, videos, and other types of media can really put a strain on data consumption. Opera Mini however, does the opposite. Opera Mini is, well, a web browser in a miniature form, meaning it compresses web pages to stream less content at one time. Because Opera Mini can compress web pages up to 90%, the overall consumption of your browser will dramatically decrease, saving you money. Not to mention Opera Mini has a slick interface that is fast and functional. Tabbed browsing makes for quicker switches between your different windows, and the compressed web pages load very fast, especially if you are on 4G.

Anyone who is on a mobile plan that includes tiered data should definitely check out Opera Mini. It is a great browser that not only works quickly, but is also efficient because it can lower your data usage.  Opera Mini is available for free in the Android Market, and is definitely worth a download. Like Opera Mini? Already using it? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check back with TheDroidGuy for more news and apps.

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