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Verizon Workers To Return To Work Monday

Verizon Communications Workers take a break from picketing to pose in front of a Verizon Wireless Store photo: CWA District-1

45,000 Verizon Communications workers, along with a handful of Verizon Wireless workers are going to return to work Monday after nearly two weeks on strike.  Although Verizon Communications hasn’t come to terms on a new contract with these employees who are represented by the Communication Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers unions, they do feel comfortable returning to their jobs.

The striking workers will temporarily be working under the terms of their old contract, while a new contract is being ironed out. Previously both CWA and IBEW had said Verizon was dragging it’s feet on negotiating which prompted the strike in the first place.

“We agreed to end the strike because we believe that is in the best interest of our customers and our employees,” said Marc Reed, head of human relations for Verizon. “We remain committed to our objectives, and we look forward to negotiating the important issues that are integral to the future health of Verizon’s wireline business.” (source: CNet)

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Work outages aren’t quite what they used to be. This is of course a result of the decline in union memberships. No one was reportedly injured during the two week long ordeal however striking workers made it hard for temporary relief workers to access company vehicles, tools, shops, and buildings, for the most part under the law.

Although only 2% of the unionized workers were Verizon Wireless workers, Verizon Communications workers were allowed to picket, in small numbers, outside Verizon Wireless stores.  Verizon Wireless is the most public facing unit of Verizon, as well as the unit doing the best within the company.  The Verizon Communications workers work on Verizon’s wireline business which has been deteriorating over the last 10 years, and much more rapidly over the last 4 years. However, these wireline workers are also responsible for the work on Verizon Communications’ FIOS business which is the 2nd top business in the Verizon Communications portfolio.

FIOS is Verizon’s cable, internet and phone service over fiber optic lines and keeps them highly competitive with cable companies

source: CNet

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