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Verizon Wireless To Rule The Air And The AirForce (Marines, Navy & Army Too)

This is based on a relatively simple idea, if you have served our country you should be at least shown some appreciation. That is the idea behind the Veteran’s Advantage Card created by a Vietnam Army veteran by the name of H. Scott Higgins.

The Veteran’s Advantage card works the same way that some college advantage cards do, and even AARP. If you’re in the military or retired military it’s a discount card where certain companies extend discounts for your service.  In the case of Verizon Wireless Veteran’s with a Veteran’s Advantage Vet Rewards card will receive a 15% discount on monthly plans with an access fee of $34.99 or higher or a data add on of $24.99 or higher.

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Veterans can also use their Vet Rewards card to get 25% off accessories in Verizon Wireless corporate owned stores.  The savings on accessories really start adding up.

“With the addition of Verizon Wireless to the list of companies recognizing the Veterans Advantage Card, cardholders now have a one-stop savings solution with the nation’s premier wireless carrier,” said H. Scott Higgins, founder and chief executive officer of Veterans Advantage, and an Army Vietnam veteran.

Verizon Wireless started accepting the Vet Rewards cards this Tuesday.

Source: Verizon Wireless

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