Verizon Wireless To Disguise Towers As Pine Trees


I must admit until watching Big Bang Theory and the episode where Sheldon gets upset with his crew and threatens to move to Bozeman Montanna, I didn’t know this city existed.

Apparently Verizon Wireless needs to add a tower there to improve performance. However the Bozeites are up in arms over what the tower will do to their scenery and tree line.

Verizon Wireless originally wanted to erect a 90 foot steel lattice tower.  These are the types of structures that we are used to seeing.  Verizon has taken the feedback from Bozeman residents and modified their original plan.  They have resubmitted their proposal as an 84 foot monopoly tower that is camouflaged as a pine tree and blends better with the cuties tree line.

“It’s now been modified to a shorter station that will be what we call a stealth site,” Verizon spokesman Bob Kelley told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle Tuesday. “It’s an attempt to make the site less noticeable.”

One of our Verizon contacts told us today that he wasn’t sure if they’ve ever camouflaged a tower quite like they’ve described in Bozeman, however Verizon does like to be as accommodating as they can in the communities where they have tower locations.  Often times Verizon and other carriers can try to install equipment on water towers, existing radio towers even grain silos.  Verizon told the Bozeman city council that none of those situations were available in this case.

Source: Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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