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Verizon Wireless Offering One Heck Of A Trade In Promotion

We’re sure you’ve got that one friend that is still stuck on that Motorola Razr or maybe a Juke, and it’s time to get them a smartphone.  Forget the fact that they were eligible for an upgrade 3 years ago, now it’s time to bring your friend to Android.

Beginning August 18th Verizon Wireless stores are offering one heck of a trade in promotion on basic phones. It doesn’t matter which basic phone you’ve been unwilling to part with all these years. As long as you upgrade to a Smartphone you’ll get a $100 trade in credit towards that smartphone for your old basic phone.  Now Verizon isn’t even trying to pull the wool over your eyes, according to the internal email we saw you can use that $100 trade in on a new 2 year agreement price.

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Face it, if you’re still carrying around an old “basic” phone you’re probably eligible for an upgrade anyway.  With this promotion, you can get a Droid Incredible 2, Droid X2 or Samsung Droid Charge for just $99 at the Verizon Wireless store.  Is gaming your thing? With the $100 trade in credit and a new 2 year agreement you can get the Sony Xperia Play for free.

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You can even couple this promotion with the $50 off a tablet promotion when you buy a new smartphone.

But wait there’s even more…

Verizon Wireless says that select basic phone customers who become upgrade eligible before 12/31/2011 will have the chance to upgrade early at 2 year upgrade pricing and get the $100 trade in for your basic phone.  This is all really three promotions that can be used together.  The $100 basic phone trade in promotion, buy a smartphone get $50 off a tablet promotion and basic to smartphone early upgrade offer.

If you want to stay with Verizon Wireless for their great coverage or 4G/LTE nows the time to consider an upgrade and the fun starts August 18th.

source: Verizon Ninja

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