Verizon Wireless Offering Intuit Credit Card Reader For Android In Stores Now

Verizon Wireless has been talking about mobile payment initiatives for a while.  From the ISIS network to allowing small businesses to take credit cards almost painlessly through their smartphones.

Verizon has teamed up with payment provider Intuit to offer Intuit’s GoPayment reader in Verizon Wireless corporate stores.  According to the picture of the packaging the Intuit GoPayment reader will cost you just $29.97. The GoPayment reader attaches to your Android phone (or Blackberry and iPhone). The small credit card readers allow small business merchants to swipe a credit card on their phone to handle the actual payment.

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Intuit has been successful in deploying their mobile technology. Earlier this year they announced a partnership with the Girl Scouts of America to allow Girl Scout troops to accept credit card payments outside your local K-Mart for Girl Scout cookies.

Of course Verizon and others are working on things like ISIS and NFC in hopes that we will eventually eliminate the plastic card altogether.  If you want to pay $29.97 for a device you can get free from Square than hop on over to your local Verizon Store and get the GoPayment Reader from Intuit.

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