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Verizon Launching A Samsung Stratosphere? What Is It?

Kellex over at Droid-Life is reporting that Verizon and Samsung are preparing to launch a new device, at least being codenamed the Samsung Stratosphere.  Kellex has it on good information that Verizon has  a place holder on their website for it and explains that theory here.  To Droid-Life’s credit, every other time they have made mention to these redirecting place holders vs page doesn’t exist pages, they’ve been right on the money.

Couple the Samsung Stratosphere web page redirect with ninja information received by Droid-Life and confirmed by one of our ninjas prior to DL’s posting than we can bank that this phone is indeed coming to Verizon Wireless.

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There’s just a little discrepancy on what it can be.  First off, we all saw a leak of a Samsung Epic 4G looking device with Verizon branding.  That could be the Straosphere.  However we all know that Samsung is preparing a huge launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II in the coming weeks.

The Samsung Galaxy S II headed to Verizon Wireless was believed to be called the “Samsung Function” which is actually a pretty lame name.  When you factor in Verizon’s futuristic, technology driven names as well as the fact that everything with Samsung has to do with the Galaxy and space.  Another Android site brought up the fact that Samsung shipped us telescopes last week so we could look into the stratosphere.

I’d actually prefer the name “Samsung Stratosphere” over “Samsung Function”.  Perhaps though this is all about the Samsung Galaxy S III that JK Shin eluded to late last month.  Who knows only time will tell but I do know that people are getting antsy waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S II

Source: Droid-Life

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