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US Cellular Moving To Tiered Data, Bad Q2 Results

Sometimes we like to look out for the littler guys. After always focusing on Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, Sprint and T-Mobile, companies like MetroPCS, Cellular South and US Cellular really contribute to the overall ecosystem while maintaining a regional or local base.

US Cellular’s CEO Mary Dillon said in their recent Q2 earnings call that results were “mixed” and subscriber results were “disappointing”. Overall US Cellular lost 58,000 customers in the last quarter which was 41,000 postpaid customers and 17,000 prepaid customers.

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On the upside Dillon said more customers are migrating to US Cellular’s reward based “Belief Project” plans.  These plans include voice, texting and data and each monthly plan carries “points”. These points can be used for ringtons and even phone credits.  According to their website these points make it easy for a customer to acquire new devices in as little as ten months.

US Cellular also announced that they were also going to switched to tiered data plans in the coming quarters but didn’t specify anything more than that.

Source: US Cellular via Fierce

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