There’s Something Happening Here: Best Buy Bracing For Two Big Promotions

Our good friend Kellex over at Droid-Life has gotten his hands on an internal memo to Best Buy Mobile stores.  The memo details a promotional initiative where they should expect weekend like levels of customers and activations.  The memo also suggests that Best Buy Mobile staff both a manager and a lead “wherever possible”.

So let’s analyze this announcement:  First off it’s not the Samsung Galaxy S II, is much as you want to think it might be, it’s not. Samsung has announced a press event for the SGSII launch on August 29th in New York. The SGSII will not be launched on US carriers before that.  It’s also not a Verizon specific announcement, Verizon promotions (like the $100 for a basic phone here) are almost exclusively held on Thursdays, and on the rare instance, Fridays.

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As Kellx ponders, it could just be a huge mega promotion for all carriers, maybe all smartphones free on new two year agreements? Perhaps it’s buy one get one free on all smartphones?   Maybe it’s a Blackberry event?  Perhaps Best Buy will do buy a connected tablet get a smartphone free? Or maybe it’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

One things for sure though, it’s not too long to wait,the 17th is Wednesday and the 22nd is a week from today.

source: Droid Life