The Top 3 Apps For Tracking Hurricane Irene

If you’ve been paying attention to the news at all lately, you know that Hurricane Irene is approaching the east coast of the US. Of course, we are all watching and waiting to see what happens, but why not have our smartphones help us? I’ve put together a quick list of 3 different apps that can help you track Hurricane Irene, and get it all done on your mobile device.

The first of these apps is Hurricane Software. Now this app’s name may not be the most creative, but its features are ideal when it comes to tracking hurricanes. Hurricane Software shows you hurricane coordinates using official satellite information, storm tracks, and issued warning information. With this app you can stay with Hurricane Irene, and check all of the latest warnings and damage reports.

The next app that is great for hurricane info is Hurricane Hound. Hurricane Hound is available in free and paid versions, with the paid version removing ads. Hurricane Hound is also a fantastic app for tracking hurricanes, specifically ones in the Atlantic and Eastern-Pacific Basins. This app has the hurricanes latest movements and updates placed on a Google Maps background, and pulls data from US satellite and radar data. You can choose between 3 different layers–storm, radar, and weather satellite– and Hurricane Hound also pulls information from the National Weather Service. This means you can also view official advisories and warnings of tropical development right from your Android device, and even participate in discussions about current hurricanes. This app does a great job at tracking and monitoring hurricanes in the US, and is perfect for news and updates about Irene.


The last app we have that can help you track Hurricane Irene is called SeaStorm. SeaStorm is $1.99, and is the only app on this list that isn’t free or does not have a free version. However, it is stil an awesome app worth the purchase because it is the most feature-rich. SeaStorm has a huge amount of different maps with regional summaries of tropical activity to choose from. The app has 6 major groups of maps, each with 5-6 maps available. Background notifications are also present in this app, make sure you get the latest updates on storms you’re interested in as soon as they’re released. SeaStorm also has a fantastic UI, offering things like pinch-to-zoom and smooth interactions with the different maps. The app also integrates discussions with the National Hurricane Center, meaning you can talk about the latest hurricanes and stay up to date with where the are and the damage done. You can even share snapshots of the map you’re currently viewing with the different social networks you are signing in to. SeaStorm is an awesome hurricane tracking app, and in my opinion, is worth the purchase.

Hurricane Irene is on everyone’s mind right now, so be sure to grab one of these apps to stay up to date with everything that is happening as our hearts and prayers go out to those on the east coast. Let us know in the comments whether you chose Hurricane Software, Hurricane Hound, or SeaStorm.

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