The Summer Of OMAP Continues With Thedroidguy & Texas Instruments

The Texas Instruments OMAP processor is one of the hottest things in Android this year.  The Motorola Droid 3 and the upcoming LG Thrill (Optimus 3D) feature the OMAP 4 dual channel processor.

Texas Instruments is also one of the signature sponsors for the Android Homecoming and the Big Android BBQ.  Last year at the Big Android BBQ they made a big splash with their more than life sized Cowboid.  Cowboid is back this year and in full force.

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Texas Instruments has been a name in technology for the last 30 years. Whether your first experience with Texas Instruments was with a Speak & Spell or a TI-81, or other TI powered device their processing components have fueled technology.

We still have about a month left in the Summer of OMAP and from now through September 2 we’re teaming up with Texas Instruments to give one lucky winner a Barnes & Noble Nook Color.  The Nook Color, Barnes & Noble’s signature e-reader is definitely the best e-reader in it’s class. We also know that it makes for a pretty good and affordable Android tablet.

We’re going to have some great back to back Texas Instruments contests with awesome prizes and this just kicks it off.  All you have to do is follow thedroidguy @thedroidguy and Texas Instruments @txinstruments on twitter and tweet out the following message. You can tweet as many times as you’d like the more you tweet the better your chances (AFTER YOU READ THE FINE PRINT).  Here is the tweet

“It’s the summer of #OMAP and I’m following @txinstruments and @thedroidguy to try to win a free Nook Color”

Texas Instruments, and the OMAP processor will have more big Android news between now and the end of the year so keep a look out at

**The fine print. Since this is an Android, tech and mobile related contest you must have tweeted about said topics within the previous 3 days of tweeting for this contest. In other words “prize pigs” will be disqualified automatically** Please limit your retweets to 5 per day to make it fair and not taxing on your following.

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  1. So by spamming the living $*%$^ out of my few Twitter followers I have a better chance of winning?

    Interesting way of doing it…I’m in.

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